Properties of the 5 Movements and 6 Energies

Properties of the 5 Movements

The 5 Movements concentrate their essences in many aspects of nature. The more certain aspects are present in a place, an event or a situation, the more one discerns the presence and the activity of the energy of a precise movement. The table below presents correspondences, attributes and expressions of the 5 movements in the human environment and in the Man himself.

Movements  Wood
 木 Mù
 火 Huǒ
 土 Tǔ
 金 Jīn
 水 Shuǐ
Seasons Spring Summer Long Summer Autumn Winter
Seasonal Movements Tai jiao

Wood yang
Shao zhi

Fire yin
Tai gong

Earth yang
Shao shang

Metal yin
Tai yu

Water yang
Orients East South Center West North
Directions To left To right In the center Forward Backward
Colors Green Red Yellow White Black
Savors Sour Bitter Sweet Hot Salted
Tonic savors Hot Salted Sweet Sour Bitter
Dissipative savors Sour Sweet Bitter Hot Salted
Seeds Froment Sticky Millet, corn Millet Rice Pea Beans
Favorable Foods Sweet
Rice Beef Meat Dates
Sun-flower seeds
Peas Plums Leeks
Big Pea Pork Chestnuts Green Vegetables
Froment Sheep Apricot Onion
Yellow Millet Chicken Peach
Fruits Plum Apricot Date Peach Chesnut
Animals With fur With feathers Bare skin With shell With scales
Domestic animals Goat Sheep Chicken Ox Dog Pork
Symbols Dragon Phoenix Caldon Tiger Tortoise
Celestial Creatures Green Dragon Red Phoenix Golden Dragon White Tiger Black Tortoise
Dynamics Movement Endless movement Transformation Hardening Preservation
Actions To collect To disperse To product To divide To Maintain
Natures Light heat Heat Quiet Freshness Glacial cold
Transformations Embellishment Blooming Abundance Retraction Contraction
Vertues Harmony Manifestation Wetting Purity Frostbite
Politics Dispersion Lightning Appeasement Vigor Immobility
Mandates To manifest the growth Rise of the steam Clouds and rains Mist and dew Closing
Alterations (insufficiency) Break Ripping Blaze Melt Flowing Rigidity Decay Condensation Frost
Overtaking (excess) Fall Burning Overflow Aging Wilting Ice Hail
Punishments Death Remoteness Exile Confinement Fine
Stems Jia Yi Bing Ding Wu Ji Geng Xin Ren Gui
Moments Dawn Midday Early afternoon Evening Midnight
Odors Fat Scorched Perfumed Crude meat Rottenness
Body areas Neck Chest Spine Back Waist
Fingers Index Medium Thumb Annular Auricular
Tissues Tendons Arteries Muscles Skin Bones
Yin Organs Liver Heart Pericardium Spleen Pancreas Lungs Kidneys
Energies bood Psychic Physical Vitalitty Will
Bodily fonctions Detoxification Blood circulation, hormonal, nourishing Digest Breathing Elimination Elimination Excretion
Hold Walking Running Sitting Quiet Motionless
Physical Expressions Nails Complexion Chest Breath Hairs
Sensory organs Eyes Tongue Mouth Nose Ears
Fluids Tears Sweat Saliva Mucus Urine
Channels Jue yin foot -
Shao yang foot
Shao yin hand
Tae yang hand
Jue yin hand
Shao yang hand
Yang ming foot
Tai yin foot
Tai yin foot
Yang ming foot
Tae yang foot
Shao yang foot
Psycho-organics entities Houn
Ethereal soul
Aggregated Soul
Âme Body Soul
Pathologies Muscular Vascular Mesenchyme Skin Bones
Vocals expressions Cry Laught Song To whine Sight - to whine
Voice forms To speak To eructate To swallow to cough To yawn
Feelings Anger Nervousness
Love Joy
Obsession Cogitation
Reflexion Empathy
Sadness Worry
Guilt Regret
Lamentation Nostalgia
Fear Anxiety
Social vertues Generosity Rite Fidelity Justice Wisdom
States Birth Developement Maturity Hoarding Preservation
Developements To learn To act To product To teach To preserve
Notes E F C D G
Metals Iron Copper Gold Silver Tin

Properties of the 6 Énergies

Yin is solid matter, but from the point of view of energy, it is not totally inert. Subjected to the dynamic influence of the Yang, it has different states not only of form but also of heat and coldness, dryness and humidity. These various states give it particular properties, the so called 6 Energies. 6 Energies are in order Jue Yin, Shao Yin, Shao Yang, Tai Yin, Yang Ming et Tai Yang. These 6 Energies of Yin produce visible climatic manifestations in the Yang space, the Sky. They are the Wind, The Heat, the Fire, the Damp, the Drought and the Cold.

Energies  Jue yin
 Shao yin
 Shao yang
 Tai yin
 Yang ming
 Tae yang
To Sky Wind Heat Fire Damp Drought Cold
On the ground Wood Fire Prince Fire Minister Earth Metal Water
Entrails Gal lBladder Small Intestine San Jiao Stomach Large intestine Urinary bladder
States Nascent Flourishing Luxuriant Soaked Solid Concentrate
Has for source The balance The lukewarm The heat The emptiness The purity The strengh The cold
Begets The wind The heat The fire The damp The drought The cold
Ends in The apprehension The cold The damp The rain The freshness the tepidity
Contient The wind The fire The heat - the activity The rain The peace - the judgment The cold
Is found in The wind The form What grows, thrives The clouds The harvest The hidden retreat
Channels Jue yin foot
Shao yin foot
Shao yin hand
Tae yang hand
Jue yin hand
Shao yang hand
Yang ming pied
Tai yin foot
Tai yin hand
Yang ming hand
Tae yang foot
Shao yang foot
Dissipatrice savors Sour Sweet Sweet Bitter Hot Salted
Tonic savors Hot Salted Salted Sweet Sour Bitter