• What is “The Energies Calendar tool”?

    The energies calendar tool is a calculator/converter of the Gregorian calendar to the traditional Chinese calendar. It is extremely precise, it not only takes into account the geolocation but also corrects the variations between the official legal hour (which often varied in history in many countries) and the real solar hour. And of course, it also takes into account the changes between summer time and winter time in the countries where this occurs (or where it occurred in the past!). This covers over 150 years and throughout the world (and finally, it will soon be for the whole world!). See the list of countries already included: List.
    Our calculator does more than just convert a date from the Gregorian calendar to the Chinese calendar, it also calculates all the current energetic cycles on this date, which is in fact to our knowledge a unique tool in the world!
  • What is “The Interdictions and Prescriptions tool”?

    In the fundamental treatises of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the SU WEN or the LING SHU, it is expressly recommended to carry out certain medical actions according to the current hour, day, lunar month, season or year. Certain operations or treatments are thus also indicated as forbidden, as well as to act on specific parts of the body. This is because the energy, internal for persons, or external for the environment, is favorable or contrary to these operations and treatments (puncture, bleedings, remedies, etc.) during these periods.
    This vital information is generally evoked in Chinese medicine training, but as no one knows how to calculate these periods, or the energies in place at the time, the subject is soon abandoned. Most frequently, it is simply reduced to the sole notions of plenitude or depletion of energy in the meridians according to the time of day. And even this is not taught to be an essential factor in the determination of the therapeutic action as it is overly restrictive to implement. Moreover, it has to be said that to compel yourself to follow the tradition as closely as possible to obtain the greatest effectiveness is no longer on the agenda, because this has a direct impact on the profitability of the profession!
    Do you have the desire to improve the effectiveness of your medical practice? Then, “The Interdictions and Prescriptions tool” is made for you.
  • What is “The Seasonal Treatments tool”?

    In the SU WEN NEI KING it is affirmed that in each season two meridians, one yin and the other yang, are defined as “Master of treatments", as they are related to the external seasonal dominant energy. The seasons according to the Chinese calendar do not cover the same periods as in the Gregorian calendar. Our “Seasonal treatments tool” enables you to determine with precision the dates establishing these periods and the related meridians.
    Furthermore, the researches of the ancient Chinese practitioners have established a method of acupuncture called the “Treatment by the Ancient Shu Points". When there is a discord between the patient’s internal energy and the energy present in the season and we want to restore harmony, we seek primarily to re-establish these concordances. To do this we can apply the Mother Son rule to the seasonal points theory, which explains that the activity of the meridians and the points vary with the seasons.
    The seasonal treatments tool shows the seasonal points in tables as well as the current season, which reliably enables the selection of the seasonal points to puncture in order to disperse or invigorate depending on the diagnosis of depletion or plenitude contrary to the season that has previously been determined.
    You will find further information on the subject of seasonal treatments on the Chinese Chrono-medicine page.
  • What is “The Jia Yi Method tool”?

    The Midday - Midnight (Zi Wu) rule states that we can intervene effectively in any one day to disperse overly abundant energy during its manifest phase of maximum flux (Zhu) as well as to invigorate an excessively deficient energy during its manifest phase of maximum reflux (Liu). Therefore, this rule does not take into account the reality of concordances between the energies and the regular hourly periods of the maxima and minima levels, but simply of the manifestations of recovery and worsening of symptoms according to the energetic phases of the meridians. When we take into account the “tidal" hours, this is the Jia Yi method.
    You will find further information on the subject of the Jia Yi method on the Chinese Chrono-medicine page.
  • What is “The Repletion, Depletion and Reflux of the meridians tool”?

    According to the traditional Chinese medical theory, the amplitude of the energetic flux which circulates throughout the 12 ordinary meridians/channels varies like the tide in a river. When one of the 12 segments is in phase with the ascending current, going towards repletion (or plenitude) like a rising tide, then the segment located opposite is in phase with the descending current, going towards depletion. After reaching plenitude, the energy of each segment transmits the vital influx to the following segment and thus ends up in reflux.
    These definitions are essential in the practice of acupuncture because it is completely contrary to the medical theory to want to invigorate a meridian in reflux or in depletion according to the current hour, as it is to want to disperse the energy of a meridian in a phase of depletion.
    Furthermore, this knowledge of tidal hours also enables, by taking the pulse, to establish if there is an accord or not between the internal energy and the external energy. This is what also enables us to distinguish between regular depletion and plenitude and pathological deficiency and excess. Of course, this is not only valid for the circadian energy cycles but also for the seasonal cycles.
    Our tool display the meridians concerned by these definitions in real time.
  • What is “The Movements and Energies Forecast tool”?

    Nous entrons ici dans un domaine très particulier de la théorie générale de l'énergie et des cycles selon la tradition taoïste: les transformations en manifestations tangibles de l'énergie des cycles. Quand on connait les cycles et les énergies en cours ou à venir, on peut donc établir des prévisions sur les manifestations.
    -Climate-related forecasts.
    The general theory establishes the transformation into climatic manifestations of the energies that are active in the year, season or month. We know that as well as each temporal, annual, seasonal, monthly, daily and hourly period, two cycles are active here: that of the 5 Movements and that of the 6 Energies. It is the cycle of the 6 Energies that is Master of the climatic manifestations but the encounters between each of the 6 energies and each of the 5 dynamisms in activity on the same temporal scale, or cycle phase, modify the amplitude of these manifestations. They may thus be themselves reinforced, increased, or even weakened, or else dispersed.
    The ancient texts in which these manifestations and encounters between the energies of the cycles are defined give us the general trends of the climatic manifestations for the annual, seasonal and monthly periods. But here it is clearly stated that the trends are still to be looked at in the context according to the situation, namely the latitude, geology and topography of the environment where the observer is positioned (Feng Shui specialists are directly concerned by this). The definition, for example, of a yearly climate that is mostly cold according to existing energies for a given year will not, of course, have the same impact in the Sahel as in Continental Europe. Here we are dealing with a second type of encounters, that of the definitions of the manifestations in accordance with the cycles with those of the characteristics of the terrain. These characteristics must indeed also be defined according to the 6 energies to be able to predict the implications on the manifestations defined in the general energies theory.
    Our Movements and Energies Forecast tool defines climate-related forecasts over more than 150 years.

    - Health-related forecasts.
    According to the general theory (and also good common sense of course!), climates have an influence on living organisms and can just as well pathologically reinforce or adversely affect their structures, their organic functions but also, according to the Chinese medical tradition, their vital energies. The forecasts of climatic manifestations thus allow us to predict the implications on the organism of living beings and, especially on human beings.
    It is thanks to this knowledge that in the past, the practice of medicine in China didn’t just remedy reported illnesses and physical damage that occurred accidentally, but quite the contrary, it was primarily concerned with preventing the occurrence of new illnesses. For that you must know everything and at the same time assess the state of the tissues, organic functions and the patient’s energies correctly and of course know the dynamic and climatic energies to come, together with their impact on health. Without this knowledge, any preventative diagnosis is only illusory. And it should not be believed that it is sufficient to know what is the coming season, to establish this type of diagnosis with precision. Because what we call the “regular energies” of the cycles which are likewise called regular, are not, and by far, the only energies which control events and manifestations.
    Our Movements and Energies Forecast tool defines pathologically-related forecasts over more than 150 years.

    - Economic and social-related forecasts.
    The potential application of the possibility to be able to know in advance the major trends of dynamic energy and the climatic manifestations of a year and of its seasonal cycle seems extremely rich and diverse. Taking the example of a year where the forecast for the general climate is cold and dry. The implication is that the energy consumption for heating will be above average, that agriculture will also be affected (cold and dryness) and that more clothes to protect from the cold will be manufactured and sold. If you have any doubt about this account, look at the data that our ”Movements and Energies Forecast tool” showed for the year 2012 and remember the cold and snowfalls that most of Europe then experienced.
    We will not say any more on the subject of the various forecasts that are deductible as a result of our Movements and Energies Forecast tool as our motivation is not an economic exploitation of the information that our programs provide but only to allow the public to have access. We are however sure that this information and data will be integrated in many statistical studies for a variety of purposes: the impact on the financial fluxes, industry, social movements and others that the developers of this site do not even have any idea! We can only hope that our work will be used primarily to bring relief to the human community from the ills that affect it, to enable it to have a better knowledge and a better understanding of its environment and the relationships between man and nature, rather than further adding to its exploitation and its alienation.

  • What is "The Seasonal Behavior and Chrono-dietetics tool"?

    This tool defines the behaviors and diets related to the energy of the “regular” seasonal cycles. This represents a solid information base to bring activity and diet into accordance with the current season but it’s not the only data to take into account. The “guest” Energies and Movements can modify the regular dynamic trends and the climatic manifestations and this has to be taken into account. This is not a problem for food since it is sufficient to eat that which the local, natural and needless to say, non-industrial production offers for consumption. Indeed, it depends to a large extent on the “guest” seasonal Energies and Movements that are found in some years, in autumn for example, mushrooms, citrus fruits and fruits such as nuts and figs in quantity or not.

    For human activity, the energy of the “guest” seasonal Movements, and also the “guest” seasonal Energies (which can generate “out of season” climatic manifestations are also to be considered but especially when they significantly affect the regular energies. For example, in temperate regions, the agricultural activity concentrates in particular in the winter on the maintenance, repairs or storage of material; we don’t sow or harvest. However, an exceptionally mild out of season climate may occur and some plants start to grow and produce. We may then have to start working outdoors again. Moreover, the animals, normally kept sheltered from the cold and bad weather in winter, may manifest some excitement and the desire to go out and feed in the meadows which are turning green again.

    Many behaviors, activities and diets of modern life are not at all in accord with the seasonal cycles. Unfortunately, according to the Taoist theory of energies and the treatises on the Chinese medical tradition, this clearly causes disorders in man, as much of a psychological as of a physical nature. The present-day man can describe his physiology and anatomic structure in an extremely complex and detailed manner, thanks to science from which nothing on these subjects seems to be able to escape. However, just as for his physical health, he also appears to have still less control over his mental health. Is this not an extraordinary paradox? Let’s look for the cause of this paradox then, let’s take action to obtain strong health and a clear-sighted mind.

  • What is "The Energetic Profile tool"?

    The Energetic assessment and the study of the future based on the birth hexagram are generally related to European astrology. The method that we follow here is that of He Luo Li Shu 河洛理数. Originating in the Xiang Shu branch of applications of the I Ching, it combines the 8 energetic terms (Ba Zi 八字) which are the Stems and the Branches of the year, month, day and hour of birth with the numbers and the trigrams from the Ho Tu and the Lo Shu, the cycles of the 5 Elements, and the concepts of the Anterior Sky and the Posterior Sky.
    Without giving our opinion on the value of these definitions, we felt that it was interesting to offer to the public these study tools on the energetic “markers” that are a part of the psychophysical structure of each individual, tools which are widely available and used in China. We also know that certain medical methods, that we believe were mostly developed in Europe rather than in Asia, partly base their diagnosis on the patient’s birth hexagram.
  • What is "The I Ching and Calendar tool"?

    The I Ching or Book of Changes (or Book of Mutations, Book of Transformations) uses a system of graphical representation of the Yin Yang theory and of its dynamic principles to define the energetic structure inherent to all apparent manifestations or events. Based on the Law of the General Theory of the energies, the I Ching presents two definitions of the same situation: one representing the present moment, and another representing its future. This is why it is frequently stated that the I Ching is a book of "divination", of “prophecy". It is absolutely not the case. The system of representation of the apparent reality by the monograms, bigrams, trigrams and hexagrams used by the I Ching was drawn up according to an extremely practical logic. It is closely related to the Vedantic and Buddhist concepts of the profound nature of reality and this logic states that all manifestation is derived from an antecedent state and will be followed by a posterior state. There, we recognize the concept of cause-effect shared by numerous philosophies as well as by certain fundamental sciences such as physics or chemistry. The differences between these philosophies and sciences are mainly in the definition of what are actually the causes, of what drives and governs the production of effects, and of course what are the effects produced.

    According to the fundamental Taoist theory which explains the origin of being and the laws which fundamentally generate and govern the manifestations, what is understood by 'cause' as for what is understood by ‘effect’ are only snapshots, moments that are extracted and highlighted from a constant process of generation and continuous transformation. Manifestations that are apparent, discernible by our senses and transformations and mutations, respond to the fundamental laws inherent to the matter-energy (yin-yang) vector. And that is what the diagrams used by the I Ching represent. That is, both 'images’ of the apparent reality (the monograms, bigrams, trigrams and hexagrams whose names are fundamentally vocal illustrations of these images) but also, and in particular, a definition of the energies which generate and govern the transformations. So, the I Ching is not a book of divination, but a piece of work outlining the representations, by its diagrams, of moments of the apparent reality as well as their futures and by suggesting readings of divinatory formulae, or 'Sentences', associated to them.

    In the opinion of certain Masters that we were able to be in contact with, the divinatory practice of the I Ching originated from a cultural degradation, a diversion from the original knowledge which the "Images" and their different sequencings represented. Moreover, the original text of the I Ching only included the ‘Gua’, and the ‘Ten Wings’ attributed to Confucius are later additions which have profoundly modified its use. As in many other cultures, it would be the pursuit of the mighty in the past for a way to foresee hazards in fortune that would have gradually transformed what had originally, amongst other uses, been used as a form of oracle for all the community and as a tool for guidance and prevention interesting the personal destinies of governments and then later, everyone. One of the Masters who we followed the longest got straight to the point. He affirmed that the people who desire to know what may well happen to them completely misunderstood the reality. “If you look where you place your feet when you follow the path, you will not risk falling in a hole. If your attention is elsewhere, it’s sure that anything can happen to you!” he replied when we questioned him about divination by the I Ching, and for that matter, for any other means of reading the future. Those who are not endowed with attention or discernment are unaware of anything that is really happening, and therefore everything would appear to them to be unexpected. Will seeking the opinion and guidance from seers, astrologists, marabouts and other mages help them to have better control over their future? We strongly doubt this, as do our Masters.

    Amongst the different uses that can be made with the “Images”, the representation of the energies cycles is evidently one of the most essential. In the I Ching, the Gua are arranged according to what is called the order of the Posterior Sky. The different representations of the energetic calendar cycles by the hexagrams that we have studied use different sequencings, according to the logics implemented in the representations. So we have selected two systems, the traditional one of Yiwei Qilan Tu, a treatise written by Mong Yi and King Fang in the second century before our era, and that based on the references to the Gua, to the calendar and to the cycles contained in the Suwen Nei King, using different sequencings: a combination of the order of the Posterior Sky, of the logical order of the Anterior Sky and of a third order which is unexplained by the two authors for the first, only the logical order of the Anterior Sky for the second.