In the contemplation of nature the mind perceives the creative energy, master of the changes.
Neither to resist, nor to go ahead, carried by the current of bank to bank.
To the East stands the Wood, to the South the Fire, to the West the Metal, to the North the Water. I am standing at the Center.

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Chinese calendar and Energetic cycles: our project

Welcome to the site devoted to the Chinese calendar and the energetic cycles according to the Taoist theory.

Our complete Taoist Chinese energies calendar is specifically dedicated to acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners, for whom this was formerly an essential tool, the only one which allowed any serious preventative diagnosis as well as the determination of the correct time of treatment. Those who practice Qi Gong, Feng Shui and also all those interested in climate sciences, geothermy and chronobiology will certainly also appreciate our Taoist calendar of energy cycles.

Our converter processes dates from 1900 to 2060 for this list of countries : List.

The energies calendar has the unique quality to provide "forecasts" of upcoming events. For the doctor, the farmer or for the financier, these "forecasts" can provide elements of analysis and decision-making of incomparable value.

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Our dating calculation program is of such a precision that its equivalent is unknown to us on Internet at present. Our calculator takes into account not only the difference between the legal hour and the solar hour for each country and period, but also the geolocation and the correction of the variation called Equation of time, thus displaying an extremely precise corrected date. Disciplines requiring precise dating such as, for example, astrological analysis based on the date of birth, now have a reference tool as a result of our calculator.

Translation of the French version by Anna Keohane

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The book is written by the author of the site. It explains the Taoist theory of the energies calendar and describes in detail the calculation method of the cycles of energies and the periods.

What they think of it
    • "Congratulations on this new version of the site and for the amount of information it contains. I use the puncture interdiction tools as well as the lunar calendar on a daily basis. Since using this, I have the impression that my treatments have taken on a new dimension.
      (Karl Maurouard - Paris.)"

    • "It's a fine work which sets my spine tingling...My patients today have had a taste of this discipline, that I must say is rather surprising...A patient with a severe yin deficit .. impossible to move the tongue and the yin pulse still rapid after many sessions, and well there, the pulses changed.. No need for commentaries the result is there. Your work is magic. Added to the treatment, the universe expresses its force. I now have a better understanding of acupuncture. I can assure you that I made a leap forward of ten years... Thank you again.
      C. Lucido - Seignosse”